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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ack! Missed Monday's Post

Soooo why didn't I post anything yesterday? I could have posted something but instead I was making an "ice cream" cake using melted chocolate bars. The original recipe is from Paula Deen on the Food Network but I decided to put my own spin on things.

Basically, you melt a chocolate bar, whip some cream, fold them together then freeze! I used Mars Bars instead of Snickers and I didn't use any peanut butter. I also drizzled caramel and chocolate syrup all over it just before eating. The flavour is similar to ice cream but not as heavy. I dare not do a nutritional analysis of the recipe but if anybody wants me to I'll post it.

Go enjoy the weather and eat some ice cream! Or....take the time and make this cake/pie/whatever and eat it too :D

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