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Monday, May 24, 2010

Here We Go

For the past few years I have repeatedly thought about trying to sell various crafts online and I have finally created an Etsy account to do just that. Unfortunately, I'm not an artist. I'm a nutritionist. I just earned my diploma in Food and Nutrition and I actually plan on getting my degree as well. Why the hell am I trying to sell crafts?

Because it's fun!

I've been doing a terrible job so far but I'm learning. Maybe I'll actually have a decent store one day. If not, my journey will be amusing at least. This blog will be a record of my rise to glory or my fall from grace as I try become successful.

I am a bit of a random individual so do not be surprised if I end up posting whatever odd topics are on my mind at the moment rather than a play-by-play of my business oriented endeavours. Hopefully you'll find them entertaining as well.

I intend to post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday before midnight (-5 GMT). There may be other posts but that will be my minimum


  1. Welcome to the blogging world & Etsy as well!
    Best of Luck & Many Blessings